Kokam Battery Module(KBM)

Designed for life and safety

Kokam Battery for Marine ESS

Highly adaptable – from 13kWh to hundreds of MWh

Kokam Battery for Marine ESS

Kokam has developed water cooled Lithium Ion Battery suitable for the marine applications which require extreme safety and reliability under harsh ocean environment.

It provides peak shaving capability against momentary high energy burst to enable commercial vessels or offshore supporting vessels to save fuel and extend the life of main engines or generators.

Additionally, this module can be used for inland vehicles like trucks, buses and trams which require high maneuverability and regeneration absorbing capability.

Advantages of Kokam Lithium Ion Battery

Kokam’s battery maximizes the performance of electric boats. With its high energy density, Kokam provides battery solutions which are significantly smaller in size and weigh less than competitive products. These features are most suitable for long distance navigation where, for example, a battery in a submarine can provide a reliable source of energy for long-term missions. In addition, Kokam batteries’ outstanding power output is favorable as a starting power source that cranks the engine with a momentary high power burst.

Kokam Battery Type 1 for Marine ESS : High Power

Key Features

  • Direct water cooling with water jacket inserted between the cells
  • IP56 and salinity resistive housing
  • Easy change of module length according to the customer requirement
  • Thermal runaway tested according to classification society rules
  • Shock, vibration, temperature, EMI/EMC, Salinity tested according to classification society rules
  • Ship Roll and Pitch tested according to submarine/ship motion requirement


  • 70Ah Nano HP cells, 2P20S
  • 74VDC and 10.36kWh capacity
  • 3P continuous charging rate
  • 5P continuous discharging rate

Kokam Battery Type 2 for Marine ESS : PBES

Kokam’s PBES addresses safety at all levels and is highly adaptable from 13kWh to hundreds of MWh.


  • DNV & OEM approved
  • Strong IP
  • Proven safest ESS in the world
    • Vented to outside, no gas extraction needed
    • Contactors in each module = max 100VDC
    • Negative pressure to ensure low gas concentration
  • Prevents thermal runaway
  • SLPB technology - no lithium metal
  • Individually fused
  • Fully sealed
  • Low internal resistance
  • Thin structure easy to cool


  • Maximum performance & smallest systems
  • Exceptional power
    • 3C RMS
    • 6C continuous discharge
  • Modular flexibility
  • Adaptive cell chemistry


  • Lifetime value best in industry
  • Future proofed software AND hardware
  • Re-core enhances customer returns
  • Integrated Cooling

Temperature sensor on every cell

  • Will alert if any individual cell goes over temperature
  • Will observe bad cell behavior developing over time
  • Allow replacement of cell before potential event happens
  • BMS is able to protect against thermal abuse of cells
  • System is protected by a dual redundant trip circuit

Remove heat by effective cooling:

PBES cells shielded from external fire by water curtainTemperature limits protected by BMS softwareTemperature limits protected by sensors

Physical Protection Features of PBES Module

Terminals Isolated by Contactor

Module Terminals Only Live In Operation No voltage during transport and service:

  • Shipping
  • Installation
  • During power hookup
  • When system off
  • During emergencies
  • During service
  • Intelligent BMS does not close contactor if external short during power up

Module & BMS Design Features

  • 75Ah cells, in series
  • Voltage & Temperature monitored at cell
  • 0 Terminal voltage when not in operation
  • Live terminals covered and armoured
  • Total system covered for isolation
  • The BMS PCB isolated from cells

Cell is metal armored:

  • Cooling channels
  • No electrolysis or galvanic corrosion

Crush proof cell casing:

  • Up to 19mm armour
  • Protect cell edges

Rack – System Design


  • Safest rack in the marine industry
  • Scalable, flexible, modular
  • Cabling, cooling and venting integrated


  • Optimizes space and accessibility
  • Cables and cooling isolated from each other
  • Compression gasket is attached to chimney to ensure tight seal
  • Gasket will withstand 400C
  • Module is bolted to front face of rack

System Level Safety

  • Emergency stop on each MBU
  • Touch panel display on each MBU

Safety Testing

  • Continuous extensive system level testing:
    • Overcharge and high temperature tests
    • Results demonstrated full containment and thermal runaway completely suppressed
    • All adjacent cells maintained cool temperatures well within operational parameters
    • All flammable gasses produced were vented as designed
  • PBES is the safest, most reliable and most powerful commercial solution in the world
  • Flag approval achieved
  • Type approval achieved


  • ESS for Hybrid Electric System in commercial and offshore vessels
  • ESS for Electric Propulsion System