Kokam Uninterruptible Power Supply (KUPS)

Kokam Uninterruptible Power Supply (KUPS)

Compact and Maintenance Free

Delivering High Power, Small Footprint, and Flexible Design

KUPS provides perfect protection in a number of applications including medical, telecom, and data centers. During an outage, KUPS immediately provides battery back-up power to protect mission-critical information and systems.

Kokam UPS Battery

Cabinet & Rack Type

Customization of Parallel Cabinet & Rack Connections

Kokam UPS series provides a modular, easily scalable solution.

Cabinet Type

Rack Type


Capability from 5kWh to 10MWh

The KUPS of Kokam’s SLPB is light in weight and small in size, due to its high energy density. It can hence be placed in restricted spaces and the maintenance is rather easy due to convenient attachment and detachment.

Also, when compared to lead acid batteries of the same weight and volume, output performance of Kokam SLPB is at least 8 times higher. The KUPS can further be classified as minutes back up or hours back-up power system.


- Higher energy density and lighter weight allows integration of the batteries and UPS providing faster and more reliable field installation and start-up

- Provides 4 to 8 times longer cycle life and high power density than lead-acid battery

- No degradation with shallow cycles

- No open-circuit failure mode

- No hydrogen generation

- Integrated monitoring of individual cell’s voltages and temperatures


Kokam Batteries are used for
various parts of industry

- Data Center (IT / Industrial / Defense)

- Telecom

- Manufacture plant