HESS Total Solution

Kokam Home Energy Storage System

Own design and software

Kokam Home Energy Storage System (KHESS) is a culmination of Kokam’s endeavor in planning, designing, engineering, assembling the hardware and developing its proprietary software for the sole purpose of proving the users the best possible solution.

Total Solution

With an outstanding design, Kokam’s Home Energy Storage System (KHESS) is integrated with a highly efficient Bi-Directional PCS, which enables efficient and effective energy utilization. Kokam has invested several years to develop the best integrated AC energy system solution. Consumers can conveniently utilize the system through the intuitive User Interface, from the moment of installation in your house.



- Battery Energy (kWh): 3.8 / 7.7 / 11.4 / 15.2
- PCS (kW): 4.5 / 6
- PV Inverter: 4.5 / 6
- Certification: CE
- General Characteristics
The next generation, Kokam Li-Polymer battery technology has a cycle life of > 8,000 cycles (@ 80% DOD, RT). Integrated with a highly efficient power conversion system (PCS), Kokam’s Home Energy Storage System (KHESS) includes a charger, inverter, solar inverter, battery pack, and an Energy Management Software (EMS).
- Software
Control of KHESS units in real-time including the ability to execute algorithms that automatically operate each KHESS as a fleet according to utility preferences.
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    If the site is generating more solar power than it needs, the excess is stored for future use.
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    When the grid goes down, the unit provides solar backup power to the site.
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    When electricity prices are high, the unit dispatches both solar and stored power to reduce consumption.
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    As energy consumption patterns change, the unit adapts to serve the demand and “shape” the load.



Kokam’s Home Energy Storage System (KHESS) provides a number of different functionalities. Its peak shaving function allows the user to save expenses by utilizing stored energy at peak times. The functionality which allows the integration with various renewable energy sources is one of the key advantages. It changes the users’ paradigm from the conventional way of using energy only on-demand, to the next generation, where users can control time and amount of use so that the time-value of energy can be optimized. The KHESS will contribute to enhancing the quality of the environment by reducing usage of fossil fuels. Also, the UPS with KHESS function provides energy for users during power outages.


Kokam’s proprietary software, with a simple and convenient User Interface design, helps users to easily access and control KHESS. The ‘Smart Scheduler’ function, allows user to set up the operation modes at your desired time. KHESS has been supplying a fast growing market for individual households and small communities to enable efficient management of their electricity. New functions have been introduced to analyze user’s electricity consumption pattern and automatically select the most efficient operation mode. Also, remote control option is now available for KHESS.


The smart BMS is designed to ensure the safety. It manages the operation modes in the most effective way. with its functions to monitor the voltage and temperature of individual cells, together with its built-in, protective units such as circuit breaker, contactor, and fuse for the highest safety standards.


– Peak Load Shaving: Programmable energy control plans to optimize peak load reduction
– Off-grid ESS: Stand-alone type in islanded micro-grids
– Demand Response: Targeted energy dispatch upon demand response signals
– Voltage Support: Grid and critical load voltage support in response to low-voltage events
– Renewable Integration: Integrated with renewable energy. Battery support of PV production to smooth intermittent generation
– User Interface: Web-based application for control and monitoring